HomeBrew Singapore

Welcome to HomeBrew Singapore; a hobby that has gone astray into a business since 2004.

About Us

    Who is HomeBrew ?

    A hobby business founded by Neo Say Wee since 2004.


    Since 2005, he turned professional by brewing for Brewerkz.

    In 2011, he is the 1st and only Singaporean beer judge accredited under the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).

    His dedication and enthusiasm for beer kept him always on the look out for fellow enthusiasts to share brewing experiences and to cultivate a homebrewing community in Singapore.

    Outside Singapore, he set up the 1st and only microbrewery in a 5-star hotel in Cambodia in 2012.

    What is HomeBrew ?

    noun : an alcoholic beverage (usually beer) made at home on a very small scale for own consumption.

    Why HomeBrew ?

    The beer you brew will taste as good, if not even better than some of those commercial beer where you can purchase off the shelves.


    Your friends will be impressed by your ability to brew such good beer. Then again, you will have to brew more to keep them from being thirsty.

    Not only do you get to save money, best of all, it is fun to brew your own beer!